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House Boat Cruise

It is an interesting trip through the lake, Sleepy town, along the busy ship jettas and vibrant celebrations. Houseboats green and fringed with beautiful shimmering blue edges with a smooth quite continuous motion through the water. Houseboats in Kerala were an important mode of transportation in the coastal Kerala just because of the accessibility to most of the remote areas.As years passed by the scene of life also changed. Motorised road,rail and air transportation in Kerala scored to an unwanted degree of slow an sedate houseboats with people's option of speed of travel. Kerala being a popular destination for tourists houseboats have been given a substantially a new prospect of life.To Move near
the surface of cool,fresh water without sinking in a casual and leisurely way will be an exciting curiosity and a remarkable experience for each individuals. Houseboats not only ecnomically ,but also non polluting and friendly to the natural world.

Mind blowing views of the canals, rice fields and other countries are more memorable stretch in Allappey boats.

There are allover the backwater villages, but the earth is very small, considering the birds, the people working the rice fields, toody tape, fishing backwater to the extraordinary beauty of Allappey. Moving on the boats can watch the natural beauty of Allappey. Houseboats are the symbol of simplicity and creativity.

A cruise on the houseboats with us is an experience that is a fine blend of tradition and modern luxury, making your holidays a unique Kerala Experience. Relax in one of the most elegant comfort zone on the move

When you cruise with us, we ensure that you have a relaxing and comfortable cruise
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 Cruising in the houseboat is a unique experience and
you ca enjoy the real Keralam life without eaving
l the comforts of your rooms and privacy